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To those who plan on building in Kutchan, Japan. 

Those who are going to build a building in Japan must plan and carry out the construction work in compliance with the Building Standard Law of Japan.

Plan and Management 

The building must be designed by those who are qualified to build in Japan. The construction work must also be managed by those who are qualified builders, in Japan. 

Building within Kutchan town

When a building is built in Kutchan town, the building must be designed taking in consideration regional annual snowfall.

Even if the building is of an elaborate design, the design must take into consideration the regions heavy snowfall through winter. Neglecting to consider this matter, may result in damage to the building itself, and/or other nearby buildings when snow slides off the roof.  Also, it may result in damage to nearby cars, property, including possible injury to pedestrians.

If snow sliding off from a building causes damage to other persons, cars or other property , the owner of the building and/or the manager of the building, who act on behalf of the owner, are fully responsible for cost/claims associated with this damage.


Although, it takes only 6 months to one year to design and build a building, the finished building is normally used for 25 to 30 years or more. During that time, the building must be correctly maintained and managed properly.

The General rule of construction in Kutchan town provides minimum standards on the construction of all buildings in a snow area. These rules must be followed.

Building Application

To make an building application, ( Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort : you asked to consult with the residents in the immediate vicinity, through the area development committee, then) you must submit all relevant documents to the Kutchan town office. A relative department of the Hokkaido prefectural government (Shiribeshi-sichou) will assess the application.

The application period will take from 10 to 30 days, depending on the use of the building. 

NOTE: For more detailed information please contact the department of construction at the town office. This information has been provided by the Kutchan Town offices.

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