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Article Index

General rules of Construction in Kutchan Town


Those who are planning to build a building in Kutchan town must obey the following rules of construction.

Article 1 Purpose.

The provision of these rules shall apply to the construction of every building or signboard.The purpose of these rules is to establish the minimum requirements required to regulate buildings for the climate of Kutchan town and so we can continue our comfortable lifestyle in the heavy snowfall season.

Article 2 General Definitions.

 For the purpose of these rules, the terms defined in this section have the following meanings.

(1)      ( Kenchikubutsu )   A building

(2)      ( Kousakubutsu ) Artifical Attachment

“Kousakubutu” means a gate, wall, gate lamp or independent signboard which is attached to a building.

(3)      ( Rakusetuyane )  “Rakusetuyane” means a building with a pitched roof which allows the snow to slide down. The pitch of the roof is more than one-100th (0.6 degrees).

(4)      ( Murakusetuyane ) “Murakusetuyane” means a building with a roof which has such a structure or device that prevents snow on the roof from sliding off.

(5)      ( Dourokyoukaisen )“Dourokyoukaisen” means a boundary line between the building site and the road in front of it.

(6)      ( Rinchikyoukaisen )  “Rinchikyoukaisen” means a boundary line of a building site with an adjoining site which is not a road.

(7)      ( Rakusetuhikyori )        “Rakusetuhikyori” means the horizontal distance between the building and the landing point of the snow sliding off from the roof.

(8)      ( Kankoubai ) “Kankoubai” means a roof which has a pitch between 0.6 degrees and 5.7 degrees.

(9)       ( Yuukougaihekikoutaikyori )“Yuukougaihekikoutaikyori” means the minimum horizontal distance from the outer wall of a building to the site boundary. In the case that a building has eaves, “Yuukougaihekikyori” must be the minimum horizontal distance between the top of the eaves and the site boundary.

Article 3 ”Rakusetuhikyori” from “Rakusetuyane”.

3.1 If you plan to build a building with “Rakusetuyane” , please refer to Annex 1.

3.2 When arranging buildings with “Rakusetuyane” on a site, note that the distance between the building and site boundary must be more than “Rakusetuhikyori”.

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