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Looking for a slice of Niseko

If you are contemplating purchasing real estate in Niseko or the surrounding region let us here at Niseko Realty Sales find you your little slice of Niseko. Be it land, a budget property through to a new luxury apartment or home …

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Owning your own home, a ski chalet, or an apartment at a world renowned ski resort, with arguably some of the best quality snow to be found in the world, remains one of the great ski enthusiast’s dreams. Whether you are a first time buyer or a veteran buyer of several properties, the thrill of finding the perfect property and making that successful bid or offer, never wanes.


It is not the normal practise to make an offer on a listed property, in Japan. Usually, the advertised price is the price that the vendor wants, and nothing less. Whilst purchase price offers are not common, they are becoming more and more accepted when vendors are dealing with non-domestic buyers. In the worst case, a buyer making a purchase offer below the listed price has lead to the vendor refusing any further offers by the buyer, even when sebsequent offers might be equal to, or above, the listed price. Here at Niseko Realty Sales we can advise you on the most appropriate approach.

Ski resort properties in Hokkaido, Japan, are still affordable and are in reach of the average buyer...

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How Property Condition Affects Your Purchase

It is advisable to check out your property and the surrounding neighbourhood before you make a decision. It is also advisable to compare the property you are interested in purchasing with other properties. All you have to do is put the property in one of three categories - average, above average, or below average.


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Investment in property and business' in the Niseko region over the past 16 years, has been increasing rapidly for a second wave during the past 2 years.


Due to the unique location of Niseko Hirafu and neighbouring ski resorts, in relation to the west coast of Hokkaido, these ski resorts receive a snowfall of around 17 metres each winter. Unlike, other ski destinations around the world with a similar latitude, the snow quality is extremely good, and consistent, throughout the months of December through to March, from the top of the mountain all the way down to the base of the mountain.

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