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Guidelines for Renting


ImageRental fees are higher around the ski resorts. This is due to the fact that properties in these are not abundant. Fees vary according to the distance of the house/apartment from the central district, the size of the property and its age. The “rule of thumb” is, the newer the apartment, the higher the rent.


Generally, the monthly rental fee for an apartment with one living room, a kitchen and a bathroom is about 35,000yen to 45,000yen for Kucchan and Niseko towns. Whilst, you might be paying anywhere from 45,000yen to 80,000yen in summer, to 150,000yen to 200,000yen plus per month, within the ski resorts, throughout the winter months.


For persons wishing to rent a home, apartment in the Niseko, Kucchan regions, it is advisable that you visit the area prior to when you want to rent, visit all the local real estate offices in Kucchan, Niseko and Hirafu Ski resort to understand the rental market, and what properties are available. If visiting the area is out of the question, Niseko Realty Sales can help you find the right place. If we don't have what you require we can most probably point you in the right direction.




Rent-related Costs.

When renting property in Japan, varying fees and deposits are required. These may include:-


1)      Tetsukin (holding deposit).

The tetsukin is a deposit paid to the landlord in advance of the signing of the rental contract to show you are interested in securing the property (Please note that the deposit may not be refundable if you decide not to rent the property). The tetsukin is applied to the rent-related fees once the contract is signed by both parties.


2)      Shikikin (security deposit).

The shikikin usually amounts to 2-3 months rent. It is refundable. This security deposit is to cover such costs as unpaid rent. The landlord may also apply these monies to carrying out repairs and cleaning of the property, fixtures, when the tenant moves out. The remaining balance, if any, is refundable to the tenant. In a worst case scenario, you may be billed for further payments.


3)      Reikin( key money ),

The reikin is normally about 1-2 months rent. It is not refundable. These monies are paid to the landlord as a custom to thank them for the right to use their property. It must be mentioned that not all landlords require these monies.


4)      Chukaiassenryou (real estate agent’s fee).

These monies amount to approximately 1 months rent. It is not refundable. This fee is paid to the real estate agent for their intermediary services. These services may include helping you to negotiate your desired contract terms (no “reikin”, etc.), producing contracts in multiple languages, interpreting, helping with any disputes, etc..


5)      Yachin (Rent) Advance Rent – normally 1 month rent. Not refundable. Paid to the landlord.


When signing the rental contract you will need to pay all of the above fees to the relative parties. The amount of fees and deposits can vary by location and the type of property. As a guideline be prepared to pay fees, deposits, and advance rent in an amount equivalent to 3 – 7 months rent when signing the rental contract.


For persons wishing to rent only over the winter months, the above fees may be different( i.e. may require 2 – 3 months rent in advance, but no “reikin” monies, etc.).


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