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You have found a job for the winter, or a long term position in the area, or even you are looking to start a business in the Niseko, Higashiyama, Annupuri, or Rusutsu area, etc., and you need accommodation.


 Buying is not on the books, so your only option is to try and find some suitable rental property. Whatever your reason for seeking to rent, be it a space for your business, or as a place to stay, it's important to understand as much as possible about commercial leases in Japan to get the best space for the best price.

As you enter into the process of searching for your desired property, the following pointers will help you.

Determining Your Needs and Setting Priorities for Rental Property in the Niseko Area.
What kind of space do you need?

ImageCommercial space comes in a multitude of sizes and configurations, from the to-be-built building to a plain-vanilla office suite to a quirky older building. If you know what you're looking for, you can efficiently go after it.

 One thing is for sure, at the present time, commercial space is limited and hard to find in the Niseko Hirafu Ski Village and surrounding areas. Although, with the number of new developments in the Niseko Hirafu area increasing each year, more and more commercial space is becoming available in the central resort area

Where do you want to be located?

Being in one part of town may be important; but if it's not, you will have more to choose from. Everyone wants to live in the ski resort, just a couple of minutes walk from the lifts, or have their business in a prime location. For other locations, access and public transport may be the priority

Currently, most of the new commercial space that will become available in the new future is located on route 343, the main road running through the centre of Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort, from Kutchan to Higashiyama and Annupuri Ski resorts.


 Long-term rental accommodation is also scarce and hard to come by in the resort, with a large majority of  long term tenants living on the outskirts of the Hirafu, Higashiyama and Annupuri Resort Villages, or nearby Kutchan and Niseko Towns.

For persons looking for accommodation during the winter months only it is highly recommended to contact Niseko Realty Sales mid-summer for information on apartment vacancies in the Hirafu/Higahsiyama/Annupuri/Kutchan regions.

Is appearance important to you?

For a business office, if you're dealing with the public, the outside condition of the building will no doubt matter. But if you Imageare a seasoned ski resort worker, you will understand the conditions and how seasonal rates affect the rental properties that might fall within your budget. Hokkaido Ski resort Accommodations for staff are no different from other ski resort around the world.  For a more expensive rental property, considering the option of sharing with others might be the answer.

Do you want to be located near other businesses that complement yours?

Sometimes it's a plus to be among your own (such as in the "restaurant area, the bar area, or the Pension Area").

What kinds of services do you want near your place of business?

You may conclude that you and your customers or clients will benefit from certain close neighbors – the local food stores, bars, restaurants, and/or within walking distance of the free shuttle bus route to Hirafu Ski Gondola, or main No.1 car park, situated between Niseko Alpen Hotel and Niseko Kogen Hotel.

Who takes care of the snow clearing?

Make sure you ask about the snow clearing conditions associated with the property. Normally this is not including in the rent. Hokkaido, Japan and it’s ski resorts located on the west coast receive annual snowfalls of around 16-17 metres, with a snow base of  in excess of 2 metres. This means snow clearing, be it snow shoveling for entry ways, or contracting snow removal contractors to clear car parks, is needed most days from mid-December until middle to late March

Here at Niseko Realty Sales we offer the services that can help you find your rental accommodation. For enquiries please call, fax our Niseko Hirafu Ski resort main office( See Contact us ).

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Recently Sold Properties

Osaka Former Australian consulate home
¥ 179,000,000 Sold
One of a kind, western style home built by Hankyu for foreign subsidiaries. Formerly Australian consulate home for sale.
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Kutchan Town Home For Sale
Call for price Sold
Large 5 bedroom home on spacious block of land for sale close to Max Value Supermarket.
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Moiwa Ski Resort Property For Sale
¥ 88,200,000 Sold
Large corner block for sale within Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort Village.
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Rusutsu Izumikawa 36-67
Call for price Sold
This block is located on the edge of highway route 230 within walking distance of ski lifts
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Rusutsu Izumikawa 36-70
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Large corner block on the edge of highway route 230 within walking distance of ski lifts
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Yukiyama Apartment No.3
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Great location within upper middle Niseko Hirafu and priced to sell.
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Kimobetsu Route 97 Land for sale
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Great View of Mt Yotei
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Route 230 Rusutsu Land For Sale
Call for price Sold
Prime Route 230 block for sale in Izumikawa Sub-division, Rusutsu Ski Resort
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INTUITION Niseko Luxury 3 Bedroom 2-Key Apartment #311/312 SOLD
¥ 228,000,000 Sold
Exclusive Onsen Estate in the centre of Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort. Apartments for sale only a short walk from the ski lift and some of Hirafu's popular restaurants, bars, shops, supermarket, etc.
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INTUITION Niseko Luxury 3 Bedroom Apartment #303 SOLD
¥ 268,000,000 Sold
Exclusive Onsen Estate in the centre of Niseko Hirafu Ski Resort. Apartments for sale only a short walk from the ski lift and some of Hirafu's popular restaurants, bars, shops, supermarket, etc.
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NRS - Welcome to Niseko Video

Aman Niseko Location Opportunity

Very Private sanctuary a top the Anbetsu River Escarpment behind Grand Hotel and Mokunosho Hotels with Onsen well.
Large possible ski-in development site on the edge of Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort directly next to Aman Residences and Aman Hotel site.
Niseko Moiwa Village Ski-in Large Development Property