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How to pay your property tax

If you pay taxes from outside Japan, please follow the instructions below. 

Payment via Bank transfer

  You can pay the tax owing by transferring Japanese yen to the following Kutchan Council bank account, in Japan . In addition to the tax, you have to bear all fees charged by the bank where you make the remittance and the fees(transfer & lifting fees) charged by the bank accepting the monies, here in Japan. 

The designated bank is as follows:- 

 Name of the bank: North Pacific Bank Co. Ltd.

 Branch: Kutchan,

 Branch  Swift Code: NORP JP JP 

 Account No: 3536796

  Account Name: FUJITA Minoru, in charge of cash excluding revenues and expenditures, Deputy Mayor of Kutchan town ※ A receipt will be sent to you as soon as the Kutchan Council, confirms the receipt of the tax monies. 

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