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To those who own land and buildings in Kutchan Town


Those who own land/property are required to pay property tax every year.The following sequence of points indicate the tax implications, and what you are required to do, in (Kutchan)Japan. 

1. If you purchase and/or own land / Build a building / Purchase a building:-   

  Property tax is imposed on those who own land and/or building(s) as of January 1, each year 

*If you acquire land and/or buildings on or after January 2nd, then this tax is imposed on you in the following year.  

2. Have the land and/or building registered at the regional Legal Affairs Bureau, Kutchan branch.

 *【Important】If you register this property with a foreign address, you must appoint a tax agent who lives in Japan, to represent you locally (See notes below).

3. The regional Legal Affairs Bureau, Kutchan branch then reports the registration of your land/property to the Kutchan Town office.

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